November 2,2018 CONGRATS!!! PRIZE WINNERS AGAIN!!NOW AT ALLAHABAD!!! The Winning Streak for our proud Institute has been catching attention all across Uttar Pradesh. In 2018,Back to Back wins are becoming increasingly predictable. RRSIMTians stormed the intellectual bastions of Kanpur first in September 2018. Next Lucknow in October 2018. And now as a hat trick , RRSIMTians won again on 01 November 2018. In the supposedly unbeatable Allahabad. YES. YES. YES. RRSIMTians have made History again. In the heartland of Uttar Pradesh city of Allahabad,our students Danish Iqbal et. al. of Civil Engineering Department have won 2nd Prize in pan Uttar Pradesh tough Dr Kalam Startup Paikrama 22nd Edition competition held at United College of Engineering and Research for a very innovative project of “Economical Concept of Plastic recycled Pavement” beating the well known giants and other favourites far, far behind.This project was previously also selected for competition at IIT Kharagpur(though the email was received late). We congratulate these “ innovative giants”(India’s future intellectual diamonds) on this great achievement.
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"Majrooh Sultanpuri"

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Golden Point Of Sultanpur Is KNIT

Other Is Gomti River

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ऐतिहासिक दृष्टि से जनपद सुल्तानपुर का अतीत अत्यंत गौरवशाली और महिमामंडित रहा है । पुरातात्विक, ऐतिहासिक , सांस्कृतिक , भौगोलिक तथा औध्योगिक दृष्टि से सुल्तानपुर का अपना विशिष्ट स्थान है । महर्षि बाल्मीकी ,दुर्वासा वशिष्ठ आदि ऋषि मुनियो की तपोस्थली का गौरव इसी जिले को प्राप्त है ।सन 1921 के किसान आंदोलन मे यह जनपद खुलकर भाग लेता रहा और 1930 से 1942 तक एवं बाद के सभी आंदोलनो मे यहा के स्वतन्त्रता सेनानियो ने जिस शौर्य व वीरता का परिचय दिया वो चिरस्मरणीय है .

Higher Education: The Ranvir Rananjaya Degree College, Amethi, was founded in 1959-60. Formerly it was affiliated to Agra University, Agra, and now it is affiliated to the Dr.Ram Manohar Lohiya Avadh University, Faizabad. The other degree college worth mentioning here is Ganpat Sahai Degree College, Sultanpur which was founded in 1967-68. Presently the Kamla Nehru Institute of Social Sciences is the most sought after largest higher education institution in the district located at about four km from the roadways bus station (in addition to other degree colleges in different tehsils)..


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The City With Human Touch. For Each one of its Citizens.

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